We’re excited to have Tom Txxytu join the growing number of language bloggers and vloggers who love MosaLingua and would recommend it to anyone who’ll listen!  Tom goes through our English to Italian app in his YouTube video to demonstrate its functionality.



Tom Txxytu Review of MosaLingua

Check out the video here:


Here are some of our favorite quotes from the review:

“MosaLingua reminds me of flashcards, it’s really to help out with vocab and phrases”

“Tons of phrases to learn and a native will pronounce them”

“That’s what I like about this app– it takes out a lot of the work that I’d have to do myself to think of these phrases.”

A Little About Tom Txxytu

Tom is an Italian and English language vlogger whose main platform is YouTube! His channel is quite unique as he has videos of himself teaching Italian for native English speakers, as well as English for native Italian speakers! He also creates fun vlogs entitled TomVlogs. We’ve recommended Tom’s videos to help both English and Native speakers alike and have even included him in our recent article on the best Italian YouTubers!

Check out his channel here!

Why He Likes Our Apps and You Will Too

  • There are over 3000 flash cards to learn useful phrases and words for making yourself understood.
  • Our Italian to English and English to Italian app includes phrases and words pronounced by native speakers
  • Our apps include over 100 subcategories covering such topics as cooking, at a hotel, at home, at a restaurant, partying, flirting and sports.

We hope that Tom’s words of encouragement, as well as ours, either encourages you to begin learning Italian with our app or will keep you motivated to continue using it! If you find yourself having a hard time learning Italian then make sure to check out out our list of the best Italian resources. If you haven’t already downloaded the app then make sure to do so here!