A wonderful way to learn foreign languages, as we’ve pointed out in other posts, is listening to podcasts in the language you’re studying. It’s not as effective for memorizing vocabulary as the spaced repetition system that powers the MosaLingua app, but it’s a great way to practice immersing yourself in Italian. There are some great podcasts available for free online! Keep reading to check out our list of some of the best podcasts for learning Italian.

Last Updated: 18/01/2021

best podcasts for learning Italian mosalingua

Using Podcasts for Learning Italian

If you’ve never used podcasts before, well you’re in for a treat! And if you have, you know how useful, fun and interesting they can be. So what exactly is a podcast? Podcasts are recorded audio shows that people create on a given topic or theme. There are podcasts for just about everything: cooking, fitness, meditation, and, yep, you guessed it: learning a language!

At first, you’ll want to focus on the ones geared towards language learners. The pronunciation is usually very good, and the hosts will speak more slowly and clearly. Plus, they’ll stick to topics that you’re more likely to find interesting, like culture and travel.  As you continue making progress, you can start listening to more advanced podcasts, with the goal of eventually enjoying podcasts made for the Italian public.

The more you listen to podcasts, the more progress you’ll make. The great thing is that you can listen to podcasts while you’re cycling, driving or commuting to work, exercising, going for a stroll, or just chilling in the park. They’re a great form of passive listening and learning that can help you to immerse yourself in the Italian language. You’re sure to hear new vocabulary and sentence structures every day, so make sure to pay close attention.

How to get started with podcasts

If you’ve never listened to a podcast before, don’t worry — it’s super easy. Android and iOS devices support several podcast apps. Just hop on the Google Play Store or the App Store and search for “podcast.” Pocket Casts is a good one for Android, while the iOS native podcast app will do you just fine when you’re starting.

One last note: if you’re multitasking, it can be easy to get distracted and miss what’s being said. If you find that’s often the case, you may want to set aside some time to actively listen to your podcast until you’ve reached a level that allows you to listen to more passively. But don’t worry — between your daily MosaLingua learning sessions and immersive activities like listening to podcasts, you’ll get there in no time!

So without further ado, here’s our list of the best podcasts for learning Italian!

Podcasts for Learning Italian – Beginners Level 

the-best-podcasts-to-learn-italian-mosalinguaNews in Slow Italian

News in Slow Italian is the perfect podcast for people who are just starting to learn the language. The two hosts speak very slowly, so you can understand what they’re saying perfectly. We highly recommend this podcast because it covers topics related to international current events, so each episode has lots of context to help you understand the words. Without a doubt, this is one of the best podcasts out there for learning Italian.

Website | iTunes | Spotify

quattro stagioni italian podcastQuattro Stagioni

From the creator of Al Dente, a popular Italian podcast for beginners (which unfortunately no longer exists), this podcast by Alessandra Pasqui is perfect for those of you who speak Italian at about an A2 level. Quattro Stagioni is an excellent podcast for people who want to get started listening to Italian content on a regular basis. The speech is slow enough for beginners, and you also have the option to purchase the scripts. There are actually three different podcasts on this website: “Quattro Stagioni,” which covers general topics about Italy and Italians, “In Cucina con Laura” and “In Viaggio con Laura,” which are focused on cooking and travel.

Website | iTunes | Spotify

Podcasts for Learning Italian – Intermediate Level

the-best-podcasts-to-learn-italian-mosalinguaSimone Pols – Simple Italian Podcast

Simone has interesting stories to tell (like the time he hitchhiked in a police car in Bolivia – intriguing, right?!) and tells them in simple Italian that learners will appreciate. And he knows a thing or two about language learning. He, himself speaks six different languages and is an Italian teacher. Episodes are generally about 30 minutes long and tackle all sorts of topics – from “classic” language learning subjects to technology and travel – so they are perfect for Italian immersion. Simone speaks very clearly, and at a pace that is suitable for low-intermediate learners.

Website | iTunes | Spotify

italiano automatico podcastItaliano Automático

This is a fun and interesting podcast for learning words, phrases, and other curiosities that are common in Italy. With Italiano Automático, you will quickly master natural speaking skills and improve your listening comprehension and your understanding of colloquial language. One listener wrote a rave review: “Alberto is truly the best at what he does. He knows how to engage listeners with interesting topics and speaks clearly.”

Website | iTunes | Spotify


maxmondo italian podcastIncontro Italiano by Maxmondo

Want to learn a ton about Italy, including Italian traditions, food, culture, and all about the country itself? Then head over to Maxmondo. It’s free to listen to, but if you pay to subscribe you’ll also get the magazine that includes transcripts, glossaries, and exercises to practice with. The website also has a blog that’s updated regularly, plus videos and extra content online. But the podcast is the most interesting. It’s updated regularly and has lots of great content to help you learn Italian vocabulary.

Website | iTunes

Podcasts for Learning Italian – Advanced Level

HistoryCast PodcastHistoryCast

This is a very interesting Italian podcast that talks about all different kinds of Italian history: classical (e.g. ancient Rome), medieval, modern, and contemporary. It’s a great way to improve your vocabulary while learning about Italy’s rich cultural heritage. It’s made for the Italian general public, so you’ll want to have a good level of Italian before diving in. But don’t worry if you occasionally lose the thread — just go back and listen again to see if you can understand from the context, of which there’s plenty!


Morgana one of the best podcasts for learning ItalianMorgana

This is a fantastic Italian podcast that will help you learn lots of Italian vocabulary, including lots of words you won’t find in textbooks! It’s all about powerful, strange, counter-cultural, interesting women from all over the world and throughout history. Episodes have covered personalities like Margaret Atwood, the women from Game of Thrones, Angelina Jolie, Stephen King’s Carrie, and many more. Not only do we love seeing a podcast devoted to strong women, but it’s a great way to increase your Italian slang. The cultural references give you lots of context to help understand the content.

Website | iTunes | Spotify

2024 Podcast2024

If you’re interested in tech, 2024 is a great podcast. It’s created by the Italian journalist Enrico Pagliarni, and mostly covers subjects relating to new and upcoming technology, including VR, updates from google, fintech, etc. The spoken Italian is quite quick, as it’s made a general Italian audience, so be sure to pay close attention.


Website | iTunes | Spotify


Bonus: L’Uomo Senza Nome

It’s not exactly a podcast, but it is a great way to improve your Italian listening comprehension! We developed an original and fascinating story, 100% in Italian. MosaSeries: L’Uomo Senza Nome is a series of 24 audio episodes that will help you improve your skills, broaden your vocabulary, and learn important grammar concepts and conjugations, step by step.

Learn more about MosaSeries: L’Uomo Senza Nome!



What did you think about our choices for the best podcast for learning Italian? Have you listened to others? Let us know about them in the comments section! Happy learning!