Have you ever thought that maybe you should teach your children a foreign language? I know many MosaLingua app users who use it to teach their kids a foreign language.

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Why Teach Your Children a Foreign Language?

  • children exposed to a bilingual environment have been shown to have better mental flexibility (even when they don’t speak the language yet)
  • bilingual children have a better memory, are more creative and master abstract matters better than their monolingual counterparts
  • and what an advantage they will have when learning another language(!)
  • speaking two languages does not mean your children will necessarily start to speak later (and it happens, he will catch quickly catch up), nor will it confuse them.

Of course, there are many other good reasons for teaching your children a foreign language. MosaLingua co-founder Luca even recorded a video about the benefits of being bilingual (in this video you’ll find 11 unknown benefits of being bilingual). We really like this topic, so we’ve written many articles to highlight all the advantages of being bilingual:

How to Teach Your Children a Foreign Language

Children can have trouble evaluating their own memorization, which is a key element of the Spaced Repetition System. And some parents want to limit their children’s screen time. So instead of letting their kids use the MosaLingua app by themselves, some parents “test” their children and evaluate the answers they give. Additionally, this allows parents to review the vocabulary at the same time (and to improve their pronunciation).

To teach your children a foreign language, you could get language lessons for your children, but they can be costly. Additionally, kids often start to learn foreign languages early at school. But, as parents, exposing your children to a foreign language is very feasible (even if you don’t master the language they want to learn). In northern Europe, not even cartoons are translated, which is why Norwegians and Swedish have the best level of English in Europe.

Luca’s Experience

Our co-founder Luca is raising his sons to be trilingual. If you are interested in this topic, you don’t want to miss his article about How To Raise A Bilingual Child. You’ll learn the best tips and strategies to give your kids one of the best gifts ever: a second (or third) language!

Have a look at his video:

teach your child a second language

Watch Luca’s video about raising bilingual children

Tips for Teaching English to Kids

For more tips about how to go about teaching English, or any other language, to your own children, watch the below, or on our YouTube channel. The video is in English, but there are subtitles in six languages if you need them.

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Don’t hesitate to share you experiences and tips and to tell us about features you’d like to see in the MosaLingua app to help your children learn a language. We would also love to interview parents who are teaching a language to their children, so don’t feel free to get in touch if you are!