Check out our list of the best resources for learning Brazilian Portuguese for free online. We've organized the websites and apps we chose by category to make them easier to navigate. Browse through them and click on a title or image to try one out and start learning Portuguese today. Happy learning!

Memorizing Vocabulary

Techniques and apps for learning words and phrases

MosaLingua Web

MosaLingua Web is a complete language learning platform. It includes all the tools you need to learn the most useful words and phrases in Brazilian Portuguese. You'll be able to immerse yourself in the language, and practice it daily with videos, books, audiobooks, and articles for learners at all levels.

MosaLingua Learn Brazilian Portuguese App

Our mobile app is great for Portuguese learners who are always on the go. Get a personalized learning path based on your goals, and memorize the most common and useful Portuguese vocab quickly and easily, thanks to the built-in Spaced Repetition System. The app also has lessons, dialogues and bonus content to help you become fluent in Portuguese.

Online dictionaries

Porto Editora – Espaço Lingua Portuguesa

A collection of 22 Portuguese dictionaries published for free from Porto Editora. Available online or as a mobile app (iPhone, Android, Windows).

Dicionário Priberam da Língua Portuguesa

A Portuguese dictionary with more than 110,000 words in both European and Brazilian Portuguese. Available online or via mobile app.

The online dictionary is 100% free. Find both specific words and common expressions, plus use the language forums, quizzes and other games to learn Brazilian Portuguese.

Listening Comprehension


The Best Podcasts for Learning Portuguese

Listening to podcasts in Portuguese is a great and easy way to learn vocabulary fast and improve your listening comprehension. Check out our list of the best podcasts for learning Portuguese.

Movies and TV

The Best Brazilian Movies to Learn Portuguese

Watching Brazilian films is great for learning Portuguese in a way that's fun and relaxing. Read through our list of the best Brazilian films to boost your listening skills.

The Best Brazilian TV Shows to Learn Portuguese

To get more familiar with the Brazilian Portuguese accent, including Carioca and Paulistano accents, it's best to watch series that are 100% Brazilian. Check out our list of the best Brazilian series to get started!

YouTube channels

The MosaLingua YouTube Channel

Take a look around our YouTube channel for tons of smart tips, hacks, and resources to learn Portuguese – and other languages, too! Don't forget to turn on your notifications (click the bell icon) to stay up to date on new videos!

Speaking Brazilian

This YouTube channel, created by a native Brazilian, has tons of videos on vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation, including differences between Brazilian and European Portuguese.


You'll find lots of great videos here for beginners, especially for useful words and expressions. Plus, they have quizzes and self-test resources to check your progress, and a Weekly Words series to make sure you keep improving.

TV channels

Globo TV

The website of Brazil's most popular TV channel, accessible online. It airs TV series, soap operas, the news, educational shows and documentaries, and more.

Music and radio stations

Learning Brazilian Portuguese with Lyrics

There's a number of great websites that show lyrics for popular songs to help you learn Brazilian Portuguese and train your ear. Check out our list of the best websites for learning Portuguese with music here.


Thousands of Brazilian song lyrics, organized by artist and genre. Often, the lyrics are accompanied by the music video, so you can listen while you read. A great way to increase your vocabulary while getting your groove on!

Speaking and Pronunciation

Language exchanges


Meet lots of Portuguese speakers who are interested in forming language tandems (partner up and chat with someone who wants to learn your native language). Or, book paid lessons with a Portuguese tutor.

How and Where to Find a Conversation Partner

Chatting with a language partner online might be the most entertaining and overall best way to learn Portuguese. Work on various skills, from speaking and pronunciation to vocab and listening, and even culture and confidence. We tested the most popular language exchange websites and created a guide to help you decide which one is best for you.

Guides and tools for conversation and pronunciation

7 Golden Rules for Studying with a Language Partner

Speaking with a language partner can have a big impact on your language skills, but it's important to find the right partner to get the most of out your conversations. Check out this article from our blog for lots of advice.

Forvo Portuguese

Forvo is a pronunciation dictionary that lets you listen to the pronunciation of almost any word in a given language, including Brazilian Portuguese. The recordings come from users on the website, so you can get a feel for different regional accents.

Reading and Writing

Newspapers and other media

O Globo

This daily newspaper is part of the Grupo Globo media empire. It's by far the most prevalent publication in the country. Despite this, it mostly focuses on news from Rio de Janeiro.

Correio Braziliense

The electronic version of this newspaper appeared following the establishment of the new Brazilian capital, Brasília, in 1960. Originally associated with the Brasília TV channel, the two entities have since separated, but the paper is still published in the country's capital.

Folha de Sao Paulo

The web edition of a São Paulo periodical, boasting the largest reader base in the country. Its reputation stems from editorial independence and it is particularly appreciated for its interest in middle- and lower-class news.

Jornal do Comércio

This daily paper, based in Porto Alegre in the state of Rio Grande Do Sul, is mostly focused on business and economic news. Along with Valor Econômico (paid access), this is a great online newspaper to read if you want to improve your business vocabulary and comprehension.


Since 1997, the online edition of this daily sports paper has covered all things athletic in Brazil. It was also one of the very first newspapers with an online presence... just one week after it was founded! As to be expected, much of the site is related to "futebol."

Other Useful Portuguese Guides and Resources

On this page, you’ll find all of our best advice, hacks and extra resources to learn Portuguese on your own, fast.

MosaTraining: How to Learn Any Language

This course was designed to give you the tools, techniques, and best resources for learning Brazilian Portuguese (or any other language!). Learn the secret techniques used by polyglots, practice the most effective learning methods, and stock your proverbial toolbox with every resource you could possibly need to learn Portuguese quickly and have fun doing it.

The BBC online guide for learning the basics of Portuguese. Comprehensive and easy to use, although unfortunately they no longer update it.


We hope these free online resources to learn Portuguese will be of a big help to you. We’re constantly searching for the best resources to help you improve your Portuguese skills and updating this page, so be sure to come back from time to time. And finally, if there are any great European or Brazilian Portuguese tools or resources we didn’t mention but that deserve to be on the list, click here to let us know about them.