Hi there! This is Cedric from MosaLingua. I hope you’re doing well! In today’s video,  I will share my advice on how to start reading a book in a foreign language. Let’s go!

How to Read a Book in a Foreign Language (Video)

How to Read a Book in a Foreign Language (Video)

How to Read a Book in a Foreign Language (Transcript)

Reading is a very powerful tool for learning languages. Since there are tons of words, phrases, vocabulary… all in the same place. It might sound impossible but I’ll show you how to get going starting with the basics.

Choose the right book!

Difficulty level will obviously influence the books you choose but there are other things to take into consideration as well. Here are our tips for making the right choice.

Choose what you like

Whether you like adventure stories or prefer personal development, go for whatever tickles your fancy.

If you’re a complete beginner, comics are an excellent way to get started.

Read things you’ve already read in your native language.

Knowing the basic plot ahead of time will make things easier for you.

Focus on nonfiction books

More often than not, reading a nonfiction book will be easier than reading a novel. So if you’re interested in a particular topic, you can kill two birds with one stone. By the way, it’s a strange expression.. Don’t you think? If you find it hard to assess the level of a book, you can always go for graded readers. There are books that have had their difficulty assessed or are specifically written for language learners.

Ask for recommendations from other learners

Another good idea is to ask for recommendations from other learners and language learning forums. One last thing, try to find an audio version of the book if possible. This can help you a lot while reading, as you will learn the pronunciation of new expressions while working on your listening skills.

What if I don’t understand everything?

Relax, it’s normal! The idea is to learn as you read.

First, make sure you go slow enough. You can aim for a few pages or a short chapter per today at the beginning. Then, focus only on the words or expressions that seem the most important or recurrent. It’s important to develop a habit of guessing the general meaning first. You might get a bit exhausting at the beginning, so again, keep your reading sessions short. As you get better at it, you can challenge yourself a bit and try to read a page or a chapter without any help to see how much you can understand on your own. Then you can read it again to check all the new vocabulary.

Create your own flashcards

The best way to use our app is to create cards as you read. Again focus on important or recurrent keywords, and make a list of them that you can add to your app once you’re done with your reading sessions. Don’t be tempted to stop after each word and add it right then. This will interrupt your flow and make reading, an activity that is supposed to be enjoyable, feel tedious. MosaLingua Web is very useful for this as it allows you to create flashcards in bulk.

Your review sessions will become almost automatic as you will be learning and reviewing words that you’ve already seen in context. Most important, you will enjoy yourself in the process and that my friend, is priceless!


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