The other day, when I was reviewing the conjugation of the Spanish verbs ser and estar for the umpteenth time, I began to question why I was putting so much effort into learning Spanish. I felt the need to remind myself of all of the great reasons to learn a foreign language. Why learn a foreign language? Let’s take a look!

Why learn a foreign language

Why Learn a Foreign Language? (Video)

Why Learn a Foreign Language? For Travel and Meeting New People

Why learn a foreign language

To get the most out of your travel experience, you need to discover for yourself the life and culture of the locals. You can’t do this without speaking the language. Otherwise, you could just watch a travel documentary at home: you’ll see it all from the comfort of your living room couch. This is also an environmentally friendly way to travel!

Why Learn a Foreign Language? For Work

Why learn a foreign language

Speaking another language can be a very useful asset for some jobs. It will definitely give you a competitive advantage!


Why Learn a Foreign Language? For Love

Why learn a foreign language

Because of immigration and globalization, society has become increasingly multicultural. As a result, mixed-race couples are more and more common. In fact, I am married to a Columbian woman, which gave me a very good reason to learn Spanish 😉

Why Learn a Foreign Language? For Brain Training

Why learn a foreign languageYou need to exercise your brain to prevent it from aging too fast. Learning a foreign language is an exciting, intellectual activity that is way more useful than those Dr. Kawashima games for Nintendo DS.

Claude Hagège asserts that “bilinguals have greater cognitive malleability and flexibility than monolinguals. Knowing a second language enables people to develop verbal intelligence, conceptual training, and general reasoning skills and to discover the underlying rules for solving problems.”

Why Learn a Foreign Language? For the Beauty of LanguageWhy learn a foreign language

Some languages have a beautiful musical rhythm. Personally, I think Spanish sounds very nice. Other languages have lovely written forms (e.g. Japanese, Mandarin, etc.).


Why Learn a Foreign Language? For Curiosity

Curiosity is the desire to understand other cultures. This can makeWhy learn a foreign language people more open-minded, increase their tolerance, and enrich their own identity.

Why Learn a Foreign Language? For Interest in Language

Some people aWhy learn a foreign languagere interested in the linguistic aspects of another language and decide to learn it for that reason